There are Many Fish in The Sea: Which Fish are You?

Living in a sensory world very different from our own, there are truly many fish in the sea. Have you ever wondered which one is the finned version of you? At Azzopardi Fisheries, leading providers of fresh fish in Malta, we’ve got your existential questions covered. Check out which of these three fish you best relate to!

1. Salmon

Salmon are strong fish which, after spending 2-4 years in the salt water, swim upstream against the current to return to the freshwater habitat they left years earlier. Research shows that salmon have a special sensory system that allows them to navigate their way in the ocean by sensing the earth’s magnetic field.

If this sounds all too familiar, your fish twin might be the mighty salmon! You are brave and are neither afraid to go against the grain, nor to speak your mind. Dedication and perseverance are your second names and you have a deep hunger to do what you set your mind to do, whatever the cost.

2. Octopus

Octopuses (not octopi!) are considered to be some of the most intelligent invertebrates out there (or rather, in there). Indeed, they may even be smarter than many vertebrates! Their large brains enable them to quickly master a number of laboratory tests involving sensory learning and memory. When it comes to personality, Canadian researcher Jennifer Mather has made a case that individual octopuses develop their character and temperament over time, and that genetically-related octopuses tend to have similar behavioral traits.

You are probably not the most sociable person in a group, but what you lack in extraversion, you make up for with wit and intelligence. Those around you consider you thoughtful, logical and resourceful. However, when it comes to body coordination… let’s just say that’s another story.


3. Swordfish

Swordfish are large, strong fish, easily distinguished by their characteristic long flat bill that looks like a sword. They swim alone or in loose aggregations, separated by as much as ten metres from the next swordfish.

Proud, eccentric, energetic and independent, you are an adventurous soul who doesn’t fear change. People can’t help paying attention to you in a crowd, which is great, because you feel the need to be seen or heard. This sometimes comes across as egotistical and arrogant, yet this confidence is the very thing that pushes you to perform better when it comes to crunch time. What most don’t know is that you want to leave your mark on the world and inspire others to make the world a better place.


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