Razor Clams: Choosing, Cleaning & Cooking Guidelines

Razor clams are obscure creatures which despite their foreboding name, are not only edible, but delicious. Their fine white flesh is similar to squid, resembling the latter more than some of its closer relatives. Our team at Azzopardi Fisheries – your favourite fish shop in Malta – share some tips on how to prepare razor clams by choosing, cooking and cleaning them.


Make sure razor clams are alive and fresh. Poke the white fleshy part gently and if it wriggles back inside the shell, this indicates freshness. However, don’t keep razor clams immersed in fresh water as they’ll drown.


Knowing how to clean and prepare razor clams before cooking is necessary, yet it is a process which takes some time as each one needs to be checked separately. Check whether the clams are closed – any open shells should close when gently tapped – if not, you should discard them. If the outside of the shells are damaged, they too should be discarded. Once everything is checked, place all the clams in a colander and continually run cold water over them to get rid of any excess sand.


The classic method for cooking razor clams is steaming them in a tasty liquid, perhaps with a dash of wine and onions and garlic. However, there are plenty of other options as razor clams’ sweet, delicate meat goes well with to a wide variety of flavours. Some opt for chilli with grated Parmesan and add breadcrumbs for added texture.

We suggest dicing them and presenting them in the shell with delicate pairings of spring onion and almond. If you’re going for a meatier texture, how about trying them with bacon, baby asparagus and seaweed? The options are endless! Before eating, be sure to remove the ‘foot’ and cut out the central dark intestinal tract, leaving only the firm white lam meat. Just avoid overcooking razor clams as they can become tough quite quickly!

Whatever the recipe or cooking method you choose to prepare razor clams, be sure to purchase some of the best from our wide selection of fresh fish and seafood at Azzopardi Fisheries! Keep up to date with news and competitions by following us on Facebook and LinkedIn!

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