Food Pairings With Fish That Will Reel You In

We’re all used to putting together a quick salad or the ever-reliable bowl of chips alongside some grilled swordfish or fried cod. But why not try something different?

Here are a few suggestions that we’ve thought of that will get your entire family hooked on your seafood skills.


One of the best things about cooking salmon is that it’s so versatile. It can be grilled, fried, broiled or roasted, and because it’s fatty it stands up well to a few minutes of overcooking.
We suggest a side of crispy roast potatoes that will offer a contrast to the softer texture of salmon.

Alternatively, prepare a bowl of hearty, rich grains and pulses that will stand up nicely to the strong taste of the fish. Mix about half a kilo of lentils together with some carrots, onions, garlic and celery to create a filling broth. Pulses paired with fish create a protein-packed meal – healthy and delicious.

Tuna Steaks

Indulge your inner Cersei by pouring out a nice glass of wine. No, seriously – a dry and fruity red, complements a seared tuna steak perfectly. A fragrant rose from the south of France works just as well.

As a starchy alternative to potatoes, you could even serve the steak on a bed of egg noodles. For that Vietnamese touch, flavour it with chillies, fish sauce and lime juice.

Seabass (Spnott)

Ideally, seabass should be grilled and then prepared with herbed orzo pilaf topped with parsley and lemon zest. We also recommend a quinoa tabbouleh for those grainy days (see what we did there?). Throw together some tomatoes, onions, fresh mint, cucumber and lemon juice and mix them in with boiled quinoa for a refreshing and tasty side to the fish. Yes please!

Pairings for other types of fish


You can never go wrong with the classic Spaghetti Marinara. Fettucine are great with skinless salmon fillets swimming in tomato sauce with a touch of dry white wine to really bring out those flavours. If your fish of choice is tuna, boil some penne and make a Puttanesca sauce topped with a handful of fresh basil leaves.


Shake up your regular tomato salad by including white and black beans thrown together with some avacado and cilantro. It’s a side that’s rich in fibre as well as protein.

Brown rice

Miso-glazed fish goes great with this fibre-packed side to create a beautifully balanced recipe. Pair brown rice with any sauce or meal that is Asian inspired; it’s great if you’re trying to build up muscle or reduce fat in your diet.

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