4 Traditional Maltese Seafood Dishes

Fact: we take seafood pretty seriously in Malta. With our generous selection of fresh seasonal fish caught all year round, who can blame us? The proverbial fruit of the sea is arguably some of the most delicious in the Mediterranean, so if  your love for seafood is abundant, read on to discover some incredible Maltese seafood dishes!

Our team at Azzopardi Fisheries – renowned vendors of fresh fish in Malta – decided to pay homage to our local cuisine by highlighting four of the most-loved, traditional Maltese seafood dishes.

1. Fish Soup (Aljotta)

Aljotta is possibly the epitome of Maltese Cuisine. This hearty, wintery meal is jam-packed with local produce such as garlic, fresh tomatoes, olive oil, local white wine, lemon, onions and needless to say, fresh fish. On occasion, some even choose to add rice into the tasty seafood concoction.

Perhaps the best thing about aljotta is the fact that it’s served all year round and doesn’t rely solely on one specific type of fish. What’s even better is the fact that it’s also incredibly easy to prepare, so you needn’t be a seasoned (excuse the pun!) chef to try your hands at this flavoursome dish!

2. Lampuki Pie (Torta tal-Lampuki)

The Lampuki Pie is a delicious mixture of fresh and pickled vegetables, an assortment of herbs and of course, lampuka – enveloped in either crumbly shortcrust or crunchy puff pastry – depending on how sinful you’d like to make your dish! Pie mixtures may vary from household to household, as it certainly depends on the available ingredients in one’s pantry. But staple ingredients every Lampuka Pie (apart from the star ingredient) must have are: spinach, olives and capers.

3. Grilled Swordfish (Pixxispad Mimli)

The most common way of preparing the fish is grilling, in order to preserve the rich, full flavour of the fish steak. Common pairings are white wine, lemon juice and lashings of olive oil.

4. Spaghetti with octopus sauce (Spaghetti biz-zalza tal-qarnit)

This is our take on the traditional Italian dish. The octopus is chopped and infused in a sauce of tomatoes, red wine, fresh herbs, onions, peas and black olives, which is then served over al dente spaghetti.

Not sure which kinds of Maltese seafood dishes to prepare? Visit Azzopardi Fisheries in St. Paul’s Bay to view our vast selection of fresh fish in Malta. If you’re lacking the inspiration, our friendly staff will surely help you decide what your next seafood dish should be!

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